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Labels attached to people and groups tend to create an instant impression – that is their purpose. And usually the impression conveys only the shallow and unimportant things rather than something meaningful about what it means to be that person, or part of that group. This applies to the religion labelled “Christian Science” [1]. Late 19th Century America was full of deep thinkers in the fields of science, sociology and religion. Mary Baker Eddy's discovery which launched a surge of healing and converts, was given the name “Christian Science” because it was a new practical concept of Christianity, paralleling the practical discoveries being made in the natural world.

As a label, 150 years later, the name Christian Science makes some suggest it is a “made-up religion”. Of course, the term “Science” means the very opposite of made-up – it indicates something based on universal principles, and provable; something coming from truth rather than the mindset of an individual. The term “Science” is synonymous with “understanding”.

Where do we find that understanding then? Well, directly from God, through prayer. Mrs Eddy's textbook tells us where to look. If we were looking in the sky, or beyond the edge of the Universe for God, then that was the wrong place. Christian Science puts forward some “spiritual names for God”, which help us identify Him. These names are Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love. In their purest form all these named concepts are entirely non-material and non-corporeal - and therefore are spiritual. When we understand the divine nature of these concept, we can see them as God's expression of His being, in us.

This is just a glimpse of how the journey of understanding might start. As progress is made, the perception of God's true power, and the relationship of man to God, supplies the capacity to regenerate one's life, and to heal.

Christian Science Churches have Testimony Meetings on Wednesdays – typically weekly in the evening. At those meetings students of Christian Science describe demonstrations of God's power in their lives, and how the study of Christian Science was instrumental in making those demonstrations. Listening to these testimonies helps the newcomer to direct his or her searching and studying.

All seekers for truth are welcome at Christian Science meetings. There is never any pressure for visitors to become members of the Church or to make specific personal contributions or commitments. Christian Science is there to show the way to Truth and understanding of God, and to provide help along the way for those who seek it.

If you are here because of a local invite to a meeting please contact me about transport arrangements etc

1 Christian Science is not Scientology